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More happy customers! Alena was such a great client, it was such a pleasure to work with her! And her PR was approved 2.5 month after we submitted her file.
Meet Mike Matich and Julia Matich - a couple from Ukraine who contacted us to help them immigrate to Canada through Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker pathway. Now they are happy Permanent Residents of Canada! Their original plan was to study in Canada as international students but I convinced them to apply for PR right away from outside Canada. They ended up saving a lot of money and now they both found great jobs in Canada. Very proud of you guys! You are a great example of hard-working new immigrants!
So happy for my clients when they land at the border! Congratulations to Maryna Shakhovalova and your family! On a side note, it is a good idea to go to the border for landing not during rush hour but either early in the morning or late in the evening. In this case there won't be any line ups and you can land and become a permanent resident in minutes! Otherwise, you could end up sitting in a five hour line up on a Saturday afternoon let's say...
Another review from my client Karina Toushkina whom I helped with her urgent situation.
Here is an inspiring and touching story from one of my clients Fedor Bondar and his struggles with immigration. Thankfully he stayed in Canada and now we can enjoy his amazing Guitar Nights and Dobroslet Festival, he is such a talented musician! Thank you Yellow Colibri Media - Video Production and Lev Tsivian for shooting this great video!
Two of my top favourite clients finally become immigrants! They didn't even believe this day would come due to a few complications that we were facing.. hoorrraaay))
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Express Entry. What if get refused?
We congratulate Danila and his wife Maria with getting a PR (Permanent Resident)status!
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